When models are on the runway, not all of the emphasis is on what her legs and feet are doing. Facial expression also plays a major role. Often times the choreographer will tell the girls what kinds of expressions he wants on their faces. Normally, this would help establish and be in sync with the mood of the clothes. There are six facial expressions for the runway.

1. NATURAL: This is a peaceful content look.
2. SOMEPLACE ELSE: The model looks a though she’s a million miles away.
3. HAPPY: This is a friendly face, but not overly smiley.
4. BLANK: The model is emotionless and expressionless.
5. DYNAMIC: This is a flirty expression.
6. JUNIOR: A very happy face, big smiles.

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What role do you think nutrition plays in keeping your skin healthy? A well balanced diet is essential to good health, and the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails are all the direct result of internal health.

VITAMIN A helps keep your complexion fresh and skin soft. You can find Vitamin A in broccoli, cheese, carrots, and melon.

VITAMIN B helps keep skin tissue healthy and works with the nervous and digestive systems. Vitamin B enriched foods include fish, eggs, bread, peanut butter, and peas.

VITAMIN C strengthens organs and nourishes the entire body. If you need more Vitamin C try oranges, leafy greens, strawberries, and grapefruit.

VITAMIN D helps purify the blood and combat infection. You can find Vitamin D in eggs, milk, fish, and cheese.

VITAMIN E protects our cell membranes and plays a role in maintaining a healthy heart. Vitamin E enriched foods are vegetable oils, nuts, meats / poultry, and leafy greens.

Swimsuits today can offer stylish and flattering coverage for any shape. There are styles to suit every body type, and just because your body isn’t perfect (whose is?) that doesn’t mean you can’t look great! Keep the following in mind when shopping:

Small Bust: Cups, gathers, and ruffles add volume. Light colors attract the eye.
Heavy Thighs: Horizontal stripes add balance, so do wide detailed necklines.
Short Torso: Elongate the body with a long neckline.
Large Hips: Contrasting trim at the bust gives balance. Light to dark focuses eyes upward.
Large Bust: Supportive linings, under wires, and shoulder straps keep things under control.
Curvy All Over: Prints distract and keep the eye moving.
Long Torso: A 2-piece with a break in coverage eliminates pulling and creates a horizontal line.
Bulging Torso: Choose suits with extra support around the middle, higher waistbands for extra coverage, vertical lines to minimize.
Short Legs: High cut sides, bottom with strings at the hips elongate.

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Blush can brighten up your face, aid in contouring, and emphasize bone structure. To apply blush for these tips from the Barbizon pros:

1. Lightly sweep your blush brush over blush compact. Shake excess from brush.

2. Lightly brush color onto cheekbones, working diagonally, and blend well. If more blush is desired, adding a second layer of color is better than coming on strong all at once.

3. Lightly dust your face with translucent powder for a soft matte finish and to set blush.

4. For a most gentle blusher effect, try mixing your most flattering blush shade with a little translucent powder before applying.

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Ever notice that models always seem to pose in the same way?  Maybe chin down and angled left? That’s because they know what head position looks best for them.  Try these Barbizon A-List Poses on for size:

~~Look to the left, then to the right.  Now smile.  Which side of your face do you feel looks more like “you?” That’s your best side.

~~Now tilt your chin down — then, with chin down, look to the left and right again.

~~Finally, try a diagonal tilt left and right.

~~Make sure your eyes convey what you want expressed.

~~Practice in front of a full-length mirror so you can see the full view of what everyone else sees.

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Don’t always know what’s best when it comes to your eye makeup? Here are some eye opening eye-deas from the Barbizon experts:

–Avoid eyeshadow that matches your eye color exactly.

–In general, blue eyes are flattered by cool tones like mauve. Green eyes look best in warm colors like clay and peach. Brown eyes can wear almost anything.

–Blend your eyeshadow well.

–Don’t apply too much. When in doubt, less is more.

–Intensify your color selection at night and for professional use.

–Always remove all makeup before going to sleep.

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Does your memory need a tune up?  Having a hard time remembering facts you need to know? Practice, Practice, Practice.  Then watch how much you’ll improve.  Here are some easy exercises that are sure to help:

  • Read a wikipedia article about something you really like such as lions.  Make a list of ten facts about the lions.  Memorize those facts.
  • Count and list things that are in your classroom like windows, desks, books, and even your fellow classmates.
  • Play the name game.  Try and remember everyone’s name in your favorite class or after school activity.  Repeat them to yourself until you get them all right.

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Feeling stressed about that test coming up, prom around the corner?  What’s the best way to deal?  Here are a few stress busters courtesy of your friends at Barbizon:

  • Relax.  Make sure you take breaks.
  • Breathe.  Always make sure you take deep breaths.
  • Get lots of sleep.  Aim for 7 to 8 hours a night.
  • Eat healthy food.  Don’t skip meals especially breakfast.
  • Exercise.  Get at least 30 minutes a day.  It doesn’t have to be all at once.  You can break it into 10 minute intervals.
  • Accept what you can’t change.  It will all work out.
  • Watch your thinking.  Instead of saying you can’t, say you can!
  • Make sure you are organized.
  • Manage your time. Don’t try to do everything at once.
  • Be nice to yourself, and try and do your best.
  • And most of all, have fun.

Quitting is not impossible! First you must ask yourself WHY you bite your nails. Do you bite out of nervousness – a big date, test at school, etc? Do you bite out of boredom – have nothing else to do with your hands? Find something! Is it just an older habit and too difficult to break? Believe it or not, a whopping 40% of the population bites their nails and 64% of models do it! It’s a lot easier to stop biting, though, than it is to constantly hide your hands out of sheer embarrassment. So, here are some tips on tackling the problem:

• TAKE UP SEWING, DRAWING OR ANY OTHER PROJECT OR HOBBY that requires working with your hands. It’s difficult to put your fingers in your mouth if they’re occupied with a needle or a pencil.

• MANICURE REGULARLY. That way, nails will be smooth, and there won’t be any rough edges or hangnails to bite off.

• MAKE A PLAN TO GROW YOUR NAILS OUT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION, like a prom, fashion show, special date or birthday. Now you are inspired to keep up your willpower!

• HOLD YOUR HANDS OUT IN FRONT OF YOU AND PICTURE YOUR NAILS SLEEK AND PRETTY. Do this every time you feel the urge to nibble.

• KEEP YOUR NAILS POLISHED in your favorite Nail Enamel shade so you’ll be discouraged from ruining your “look.”

• TRY ONE OF THE BAD-TASTING PRODUCT developed to inhibit nail biting. They make for a firm reminder.

• IMAGINE WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE TO FINALLY HAVE LONG NAILS! You will be able to scratch your own itches and show off the hottest new nail colors!

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Check out these quick tips to remember an important task:

  • Put a rubber band around your thumb or wrist and think of the task.
  • Put a colored ribbon around on your backpack and think of the task.
  • Turn a stuffed animal upside down beside your bedroom door and think of the task.
  • Relax.  Nobody remembers anything when they are stressed or nervous.
  • When you see these things, you’ll remember what you are supposed to do.

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