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Barbizon of Akron grad, Drew Tyler Bell, stars as Josh in the Disney Channel Movie “Her Best Move” on this Saturday, July 11 @7:00pm EST. Click here to read more about Drew and Barbizon’s other famous grads. Also be sure to follow us on Twitter .

Barbizon of Arizona Grad, Sofia Vassilieva, has be nominated by the Charitable organization Stand Up To Cancer as one of their celebrity ambassadors for 2009! The ambassadors work together with a team to increase awareness and raise funds for cancer research. The ambassadors represent the overwhelming response of the entertainment community to the call of SU2C in the past year, and many have taken the opportunity to comment on how they have been affected by cancer.”

Sofia’s highly anticipated film called My Sister’s Keeper opens June 26. This is a very touching and dramatic story about how one daughter finds out she was born to help keep her older gravely ill sister alive and is based on Jodi Piccoult’s novel My Sister’s Keeper. It is truly a heart-wrenching story which highlights how the moral and ethical decisions these parents made affected their two daughters. Cameron Diaz plays Sara Fitzgerald, Abigail Breslin plays Anna Fitzgerald, the younger sister and Sofia plays Kate Fitzgerald, the gravely ill sister.

Click here to read more about Sofia.

Barbizon of Cleveland grad, Sean Faris, movie “Forever Strong” is now out on DVD. Sean won the title of Junior Male Model of the Year in 1999. Some of his past projects include the motion picture Pearl Harbor, the TV show Reunion, Life as We Know It, and the feature film Sleepover with another Barbizon alum, Kallie Childress (Schaumburg). Sean has been featured in several memorable campaigns and magazines, including Abercrombie & Fitch, GQ, Teen Vogue and Armani. Sean is in production on the film The Glass Eye. He not only plays the lead character Danny but he is also producing it with his manager, Dino May. He is in post-production on three films: Brooklyn to Manhattan, Ghost Machine and King of Fighters. Click here to read more about Sean and all of Barbizon’s Success Stories .

Barbizon of Raleigh grad, Jill Wagner, hosts the second season of the ABC hit “Wipeout.”  Jill also starred in the movie Splinter and is the Mercury girl.  Check out Jill on the ABC website .

Barbizon grad, David Archuleta, will be performing on American Idol tonight at 9:00pm on FOX. Don’t miss it. Click here to read more about David

There are numerous qualities that make a good runway model :

1. She is never late; always on time.
2. She is prepared with a model’s tote bag.
3. She should fit into garments with little or no alteration.
4. She has good skin and hair and is always well groomed.
5. She is objective and willing to wear garments that she may not like personally.
6. She is cooperative with staff and other models.
7. She is businesslike and professional and realizes that her job is to sell garments on the runway and make them look appealing to the audience.

Barbizon can help you achieve these qualities.

Barbizon Modeling Graduates are on the move. Here are just a few recent updates. You can see photos and view more in our success stories.

David Archuleta (Salt Lake City) appeared on Season 7 of American Idol
Lyndsy Fonseca (San Francisco) in movie Fort McCoy
Madeline Kragh (Arizona) on Vogue TV’s Model Live show
Moises Arias (Atlanta) in movie The Perfect Game
Haley Bennett (Akron) in movies College and Marley & Me
Regine Negy (Philadelphia) in movie Lakeview Terrace
Holly Ridings (Chicago) on LA Direct magazine billboard
Melody Woodin (Delaware) in L’Oreal Feria haircolor ad and commercial
Agnes Kim (Toronto) in Dove Body Wash commercial
Korinne Diss, our 2007 Alloy Contest Winner, signed with two modeling agencies

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Hi my name is Amanda Dowell I graduated from Barbizon in 2000 and it changed my life. When I started out I was very shy and also very down on myself. Barbizon helped me to straighten out my life and see my potential that I had. Not only did I graduate with the “Most Improved ” award but I graduated with a bunch of people who were not just my classmates but they were like my family. They were friends who believed in me. I got on stage that February and I sang to the audience in front of all those people a song called “Believe.”

This Modeling Organization is like no other my teachers my friends and classmates changed my whole outlook on myself and my life. I sat many days down on myself because I thought I could not do it and even was going to chicken out of sing that song called Believe. There were two students in my class that said do not give up try it and see if they like it. I left the stage with muchapplause and smiles and I had the audience memorized as I left and saw many hands clapping and I felt so victorious after that song.

It was not just the talent but being up there on the runway makes you feel like you have power it makes you feel like you are on top of the world and that you can do anything. The truth is you can all you have to do isbelieve in yourself and strive for he best. Barbizon of Knoxville has touched my life as I hope it touches everyone else lives across the states and in Tennessee.

Thank you Barbizon and thank you my fellow friends for being there.