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Does your memory need a tune up?  Having a hard time remembering facts you need to know? Practice, Practice, Practice.  Then watch how much you’ll improve.  Here are some easy exercises that are sure to help:

  • Read a wikipedia article about something you really like such as lions.  Make a list of ten facts about the lions.  Memorize those facts.
  • Count and list things that are in your classroom like windows, desks, books, and even your fellow classmates.
  • Play the name game.  Try and remember everyone’s name in your favorite class or after school activity.  Repeat them to yourself until you get them all right.

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Feeling stressed about that test coming up, prom around the corner?  What’s the best way to deal?  Here are a few stress busters courtesy of your friends at Barbizon:

  • Relax.  Make sure you take breaks.
  • Breathe.  Always make sure you take deep breaths.
  • Get lots of sleep.  Aim for 7 to 8 hours a night.
  • Eat healthy food.  Don’t skip meals especially breakfast.
  • Exercise.  Get at least 30 minutes a day.  It doesn’t have to be all at once.  You can break it into 10 minute intervals.
  • Accept what you can’t change.  It will all work out.
  • Watch your thinking.  Instead of saying you can’t, say you can!
  • Make sure you are organized.
  • Manage your time. Don’t try to do everything at once.
  • Be nice to yourself, and try and do your best.
  • And most of all, have fun.

Check out these quick tips to remember an important task:

  • Put a rubber band around your thumb or wrist and think of the task.
  • Put a colored ribbon around on your backpack and think of the task.
  • Turn a stuffed animal upside down beside your bedroom door and think of the task.
  • Relax.  Nobody remembers anything when they are stressed or nervous.
  • When you see these things, you’ll remember what you are supposed to do.

We, at Barbizon, have noticed that those who get farthest in life are those who have good study and organizational habits. Commit these 10 tips to memory so you can ace that next test:

1. Make sure you have everything you need to complete your work assignments: Paper, notebooks, sharpened pencils, pens. The right tools can make a difference.

2. Create a space in your room that is comfortable for studying and is well lit.

3. Ready your backpack, clothes, gym bag, and anything else you need at night. That way, you’re not rushing around frantically at 6:00 am.

4. Write down all assignments in a diary, notebook, or day planner.

5. Fuel your brain with a light, healthy snack.

6. Remove all distractions such as the TV, radio, talking on the phone, etc.

7. Take home all books that you will need.

8. Start big projects in advance. Don’t wait until the night before your solar system model is due to start building it.

9. If you need help, ask. Don’t struggle in silence.

10. Give each assignment the attention it deserves; don’t just go through the motions.

Barbizon Modeling Classes Curriculum offers a variety of classes on modeling, acting, and personal development.

Looking forward to ringing in the new year? A new year means new resolutions. What are yours for 2011? At Barbizon we will show you some ways to stick with them and reach your goals:

Make it all about you. Experts say that we lose our motivation for accomplishing goals because we base them on impressing others. Your resolution should reflect your wishes.
Make it routine. Look for ways to make fulfilling your goals easier, so you follow through. If you’ve decided to write in your journal every morning at 6:00am, then organize your writing space the night before so that you will be ready in the morning.
Make a backup plan. Decide ahead of time how you’ll cope if your best intentions don’t pan out before January even ends. If you know that you usually fall off the workout wagon after a few weeks, schedule a weekly exercise class so something’s in place to keep you on track.

Going to a new school can be really hard.  Here are some tips to make it easier to be your Barbizon best:

  1. See if you can go see your new school before it opens.  Find out where everything is so you won’t have to ask where the bathroom is.
  2. Be the first to introduce yourself.  Break the ice.  Try to remember your classmate’s names.  Start conversations and ask what they like to do.
  3. Always smile.  Get to know everyone first before rushing to make friends.
  4. Don’t forget why you’re there: to learn.  Stay on top of your grades and do your homework.
  5. Get involved in activities and clubs.
  6. Stay in touch with your old friends from your other school.  Call and email.  They are a good support system when you need someone to talk to.
You can find more helpful tips everyday on our Facebook page .

Here are Barbizon’s 12 keys to developing your personality to be the best it can be. Try to accomplish at least one of these each week:

1.  Be wise about human relations.

2.  Don’t put off until tomorrow.

3.  Develop hobbies.

4.  Go places and do things.

5.  Become an avid reader.

6.  Broaden your circle of friends.

7.  Learn to compliment people.

8.  Learn to remember names.

9.  Maintain a sense of humor.

10.  Learn to show enthusiasm.

11.  Speak up.  Assertiveness can be fun.

12.  Learn to use gestures.

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Do you remember being read the fairy tale Chicken Little when you were young?  In the story, the chicken is obsessed about the sky falling down and didn’t notice Foxy Woxy prepping for a nice chicken salad. There’s a little bit of Chicken Little in everyone.  Instead of focusing on what’s in front of us, we humans devote too much time to daydreams and thinking about everything but reality.  In many cases, it’s not sweet dreams but worrying or “awfulizing” that eats up our time.

Do you have the “What ifs?”  What if I fail the math test?  What if I never find a boyfriend?  What percentage of the day do you spending imagining worse case scenarios?  Optimism, in reasonable doses, is far more constructive than pessimism and it will inspire you.  But be careful.  Too much optimism and believing “nothing bad will happen” can give you a false sense of security.  Talking to a parent, older sibling, or teacher as well as going to Barbizon can help you develop a more positive way of thinking.

by Barbizon Student Stephanie Conley

Dear Barbizon Friends:

Though we have not known each other long,
I feel as if we have grown up together.
We have built friendships
That will last a lifetime
And memories to cherish.

I came to this school six months ago
Hoping I wouldn’t be embarrassed about myself.
My hardest struggle has always been
Taking off the mask and “being me.”

From the first day I walked in,
I had this comforting feeling
That I was going to be okay.
Everyone has placed a special moment in my heart
That I will carry with me forever.

Although we may lose touch,
I will never forget my time here at Barbizon
With you…

Given that the New Year 2010 is upon us, this may be the time to develop new interests and talents. Barbizon has some tips and tricks to help you get started:

–Keep an open mind about your new activities even if your friends are not involved and don’t think they’re cool.

–Many new activities are hard at first.  Don’t give up, keep trying.

–Practice makes perfect so do so at least once per day.

–Once you start an activity, complete it.  Don’t drop out in the middle.

–Make getting to know new friends part of the fun.

–Don’t spread yourself thin by trying too many new activities at once.  Limit yourself to just a few.

–Find new activities that combine your interests.

–Accept that competition is a part of life and that most things worth doing take a lot of effort.

–Always remain enthusiastic and above all have fun.

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