Do you remember being read the fairy tale Chicken Little when you were young?  In the story, the chicken is obsessed about the sky falling down and didn’t notice Foxy Woxy prepping for a nice chicken salad. There’s a little bit of Chicken Little in everyone.  Instead of focusing on what’s in front of us, we humans devote too much time to daydreams and thinking about everything but reality.  In many cases, it’s not sweet dreams but worrying or “awfulizing” that eats up our time.

Do you have the “What ifs?”  What if I fail the math test?  What if I never find a boyfriend?  What percentage of the day do you spending imagining worse case scenarios?  Optimism, in reasonable doses, is far more constructive than pessimism and it will inspire you.  But be careful.  Too much optimism and believing “nothing bad will happen” can give you a false sense of security.  Talking to a parent, older sibling, or teacher as well as going to Barbizon can help you develop a more positive way of thinking.