• Make your skin look smoother
  • Make you feel more confident
  • Give your face a lift
  • Make blemishes less noticeable.
  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • Make your face color look even.
  • Help wrinkles and expression lines look less obvious.
  • At Barbizon, we show you which colors look best on you!

We, at Barbizon, have noticed that those who get farthest in life are those who have good study and organizational habits. Commit these 10 tips to memory so you can ace that next test:

1. Make sure you have everything you need to complete your work assignments: Paper, notebooks, sharpened pencils, pens. The right tools can make a difference.

2. Create a space in your room that is comfortable for studying and is well lit.

3. Ready your backpack, clothes, gym bag, and anything else you need at night. That way, you’re not rushing around frantically at 6:00 am.

4. Write down all assignments in a diary, notebook, or day planner.

5. Fuel your brain with a light, healthy snack.

6. Remove all distractions such as the TV, radio, talking on the phone, etc.

7. Take home all books that you will need.

8. Start big projects in advance. Don’t wait until the night before your solar system model is due to start building it.

9. If you need help, ask. Don’t struggle in silence.

10. Give each assignment the attention it deserves; don’t just go through the motions.

Barbizon Modeling Classes Curriculum offers a variety of classes on modeling, acting, and personal development.

Self confidence, or feeling good about who you are, creates positive energy. People are attracted to positive energy! Don’t you like to be around happy people? Happy / confident people help others to feel good about themselves. Knowing who you are gives you substance and allows you to feel like somebody versus feeling empty or jealous on the inside. Everyone wants to know the “somebody” that’s in the room. People will want to know who you are when you feel good about yourself. Confident people know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and accept who they are. Confidence communicates knowledge and ability. The confident person “get the job” because they present themselves in a professional manner and appear to be a quick learner.

If you are a Barbizon student or graduate, you are definitely one of those happy / confident people. If not,contact us for more information on how we can help.

Nothing will help you look more confident and beautiful then a graceful walk. Walking well begins with perfect posture. A beautiful walk is a perfectly aligned body in motion. A beautiful walk should appear effortless and smooth. This calls for the most efficient movement possible. Rhythm can make the difference. Try practice walking to music. This will help you develop a natural, comfortable rhythm. Try different types of music until you’ve found something you can “glide” to.

1. Take steps that are in proportion to your body.

2. Keep your momentum evenly spaced.

3. Be careful not to point your feet inward or outward.

4. Walk and stand with your knees slightly flexed.

5. Tuck your buttocks under. This helps tighten your tummy also.

6. Keep your diaphragm up. This will also help align the shoulders and proper breathing.

7. Keep your chin parallel to the floor with your ears over your shoulders and your ribcage held high.

8. Avoid a masculine “heel-toe” walk.

9. Imagine yourself to be gliding when you walk.

10. Hold your hands in profile, with either the palm or heel of the hand in front.

11. Look around you when walking, not downward or far off.

Like what you see here, learn more in our modeling classes.

Here are a just few Barbizon Tips for a healthier you in 2011. Let us know what makes you feel healthy.

1. Start cutting back on junk food, adding more nutritional foods gradually.
2. Be very careful to avoid buying junk food at lunch. Don’t be afraid to pack a lunch. It’s better for you.
3. If you are eating more than 5 candy bars a week, cut out at least one. The same for soft drinks.
4. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.
5. Walk everywhere you can.
6. Instead of TV or video games, go bowling, biking, or swimming. Stay active.
7. Go to bed at the same time every night.

You can find more tips on our website or follow us on Twitter.

It’s 2011 and time to start thinking about getting in shape. As a model, actress, or performer, it is important to be healthy and fit. Proper exercise, nutrition, water intake, supplementation, and sleep are vital in obtaining these goals. The foundation of any well-rounded fitness program should contain the following components:

AEROBIC / CARDIO TRAINING: Cardovascular conditioning is any exercise that gets you to your target heart rate for a sustained period of 20 to 30 minutes. Examples include walking, jogging, and swimming. You should do cardo a minimum of 3 times per week.

RESISTANCE / WEIGHT TRAINING: Resistance / weight training is any exercise that uses weights or body-weight to strengthen or build muscles. Examples include push-ups, sit-ups, bands, dumbbells, or weight machines. You should do resistance / weight training 3 times per week including upper and lower body.

FLEXIBILITY / STRETCHING TRAINING: You should keep your muscles loose and limber in order to avoid injury. Exercises that are good for this are yoga, dance, and pilates.

SLEEP: You body needs time to rebuild, recharge, and recoup. Sleep is the only way this can happen. You should aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night.

To learn more about Barbizon Fitness, visit our website or call the Barbizon in your area.

What that part in the school play?  Prior to the audition, find out how many parts there will be and pick two you really want.  Then find out what you need to do to prepare.  On the day of the audition, here are some Barbizon pointers to help you land the part:

  • Wear something brightly colored that stands out.  Make sure you review your lines before your turn.
  • Be ready to let the director tell you what to do, and be sure to follow directions.
  • Be ready to do your lines with other people.
  • Be ready to do a different character.  The director may think you are perfect for a part you didn’t even think of.
  • When you read or say your lines, look at the actors you are working with not at your script.
  • Don’t be afraid to move and be animated.
  • Be sure your voice is good and loud so everyone can hear you.
  • If you don’t get the part, ask to be an understudy or help backstage.
  • Don’t give up.  Keep taking your Barbizon Acting Classes and just do you best.

Looking forward to ringing in the new year? A new year means new resolutions. What are yours for 2011? At Barbizon we will show you some ways to stick with them and reach your goals:

Make it all about you. Experts say that we lose our motivation for accomplishing goals because we base them on impressing others. Your resolution should reflect your wishes.
Make it routine. Look for ways to make fulfilling your goals easier, so you follow through. If you’ve decided to write in your journal every morning at 6:00am, then organize your writing space the night before so that you will be ready in the morning.
Make a backup plan. Decide ahead of time how you’ll cope if your best intentions don’t pan out before January even ends. If you know that you usually fall off the workout wagon after a few weeks, schedule a weekly exercise class so something’s in place to keep you on track.

When shopping for that perfect gift this Holiday Season, don’t get confused by all the sales talk. Here are some definitions for you to keep handy:

Store Policy: Many stores are now required by State and Local Consumer Protection Laws to prominently post their rules regarding sales, returns, and exchanges. Look for the sign (usually behind the cash register desk), read it, and thoroughly understand it before you buy anything. You don’t want to buy a gift for someone if they cannot return or exchange it.

Final Sale: Final means final. Once you buy a final sale item, it cannot be returned. If you are unsure, don’t buy final sale items as gifts. In most stores, it is always final sale on swimsuits, lingerie, and sleepwear.

Me “Look”: Leather-look doesn’t mean leather, silky or silk-like doesn’t mean silk, a suede finish is not suede. “Designer” doesn’t necessarily mean it was designed by anyone you ever heard of. Watch out for such descriptive terms – and take a closer look before you buy.

As Is merchandise has been roughed up by previous customers. Expect missing buttons, broken zippers, falling hems, split seams, snags, tears, and generally bad condition. Sales are final on as is merchandise, and you wouldn’t want to buy anything “as is” as a gift anyways.

Going to a new school can be really hard.  Here are some tips to make it easier to be your Barbizon best:

  1. See if you can go see your new school before it opens.  Find out where everything is so you won’t have to ask where the bathroom is.
  2. Be the first to introduce yourself.  Break the ice.  Try to remember your classmate’s names.  Start conversations and ask what they like to do.
  3. Always smile.  Get to know everyone first before rushing to make friends.
  4. Don’t forget why you’re there: to learn.  Stay on top of your grades and do your homework.
  5. Get involved in activities and clubs.
  6. Stay in touch with your old friends from your other school.  Call and email.  They are a good support system when you need someone to talk to.
You can find more helpful tips everyday on our Facebook page .

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