When is the last time you felt angry? What triggered it? How did you react? Looking back, do you feel this was the right response? If not, what should you have done differently? Before the anger strikes, practice these every day:

Meditate: Through daily meditation we allow the mind to “rest” and deepen our sense of spirituality.
Relax: Through daily relaxation we calm our breathing and bring our nervous sysem into balance.
Make Healthy Food Choices: By eating healthfully we get adequate fuel for energy and avoid foods that throw our systems into chaos.
Think Positively: Positive thoughts affect our overall mood and even our health.
Take Time Out: Time to play gives us time to be creative, to relax, to laugh and to lighten up.
Rest: Sleep allows the body to rest and the mind to “clean itself.”
Exercise: Exercise is a major stress reducer. It produces feel-good chemicals in our bodies that counteract anger.
Enjoy Close Relationships: We all need this to reduce our sense of isolation and calm ourselves.
Get an Interest: Be a joiner and contributor. Find constructive, creative, and/or challenging ways to channel your energy in positive directions.
Keep a Good Attitude: Turn a situation around and around in your mind like a kaleidoscope until you can get the right light on it.

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