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Quitting is not impossible! First you must ask yourself WHY you bite your nails. Do you bite out of nervousness – a big date, test at school, etc? Do you bite out of boredom – have nothing else to do with your hands? Find something! Is it just an older habit and too difficult to break? Believe it or not, a whopping 40% of the population bites their nails and 64% of models do it! It’s a lot easier to stop biting, though, than it is to constantly hide your hands out of sheer embarrassment. So, here are some tips on tackling the problem:

• TAKE UP SEWING, DRAWING OR ANY OTHER PROJECT OR HOBBY that requires working with your hands. It’s difficult to put your fingers in your mouth if they’re occupied with a needle or a pencil.

• MANICURE REGULARLY. That way, nails will be smooth, and there won’t be any rough edges or hangnails to bite off.

• MAKE A PLAN TO GROW YOUR NAILS OUT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION, like a prom, fashion show, special date or birthday. Now you are inspired to keep up your willpower!

• HOLD YOUR HANDS OUT IN FRONT OF YOU AND PICTURE YOUR NAILS SLEEK AND PRETTY. Do this every time you feel the urge to nibble.

• KEEP YOUR NAILS POLISHED in your favorite Nail Enamel shade so you’ll be discouraged from ruining your “look.”

• TRY ONE OF THE BAD-TASTING PRODUCT developed to inhibit nail biting. They make for a firm reminder.

• IMAGINE WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE TO FINALLY HAVE LONG NAILS! You will be able to scratch your own itches and show off the hottest new nail colors!

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1.  HUMIDITY:  Blame the weather.  Humidity enters hair, especially curly hair and changes the curl pattern.  This leaves hair frizzy and full of flyaways.  After shampooing, apply a leave-in conditioner, and don’t rinse it out.

2.  CHLORINE: Too much chlorine can make hair feel like straw.  Be sure to rinse hair with fresh water as soon as possible after you swim.

3.  STAND-UP ROUTINE: Unless you’ve slept on it funny, hair that stands on end is probably caused by a wacky growth pattern called cowlick.  Use get to tame.

4.  BRUSH BLUES:  The wrong brush can really ruin your “do.” To add fullness to straight hair, use a jumbo round brush. To straighten wavy hair, try a half-round styling brush.  Limp hair gets a lift at the roots from a vent brush.  Never brush curly hair. Scrunch curls with your fingers instead.

5.  HOT STUFF: Are you a member of the frequent dryer club? Let your hair air-dry sometimes and have split ends trimmed often.

6.  SNACK ATTACKS:  Your diet does affect your hair.  Choose nutritious foods for nutritious hair.

7.  STICKY SITUATIONS: The wrong styling product, or too much product, can really make a mess of your hair.  Remember, less is more.

8.  USING THE WRONG SHAMPOO: If your hair is curly, don’t use shampoos designed to add volume. Read labels and pick your cleansing products with care.

9.  NOTHING COULD BE FINER:  Baby-fine hair can cause any look to go limp — especially in the heat.  Opt for a great cut that gives you more body like layers.

10.  A CUT BELOW: If you’ve recently changed your hairstyle, you may have some trouble working with it at first.  Get some ideas from the stylist before leaving the salon.

Here are some hair dos and don’ts from the Barbizon experts:

1.  Avoid tight styles like ponytails.  They will cause breakage.

2.  Never use a rubber band.  Always use cloth-covered bands.

3.  Avoid over exposure to the sun.  If you can’t avoid it, use a leave-in conditioner and spray it through the hair periodically.  Leave-in conditioners tend to have UV protectors in them.

4.  Do not use a brush on wet hair.  The hair is at its weakest point when wet and it will severely damage it.

5.  Limit your use of flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers.

6.  Fight frizz with a silicone based serum.  They are non-greasy and usually contain added vitamins.

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Glasses don’t just help you see better, they’re also a hip accessory. A simple change of frames can help you look like a musician, an intellectual, or the artsy type. Next time you shop for glasses, either protective shades or the corrective kind, here are some tips:

1. Designer frames aren’t necessarily more expensive.
2. Choose durable frames with impact-resistant lenses.
3. Make sure the middle of each eye is in the middle of each lens.
4. Large frames will overpower a petite body, so keep your body size in mind.
5. If you have freckles, pass on tortoise shell or speckled styles.
6. If you have braces, skip the silver or gold.
7. If you enjoy wearing vintage clothing selected antiqued metals.
8. Your frames should closely follow your brow line.
9. Don’t forget your lipstick when wearing glasses, it gives your face balance.

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Color can really make a difference in your appearance.  Have you ever had someone say “You look great!” when you hadn’t done anything different to yourself?  It was probably the color you were wearing, making your skin look clear and bringing out the highlights in your hair.  Conversely, perhaps someone has asked you in a concerned voice whether you were feeling well when you felt just fine.  In this case, you were probably wearing a color that makes you look unhealthy.

Skin has either a “warm” or “cool” coloring.  Finding out which of these you are will determine your makeup and wardrobe choices.  To determine your skin tone, you must first see if your skin has a blue or yellow cast.  In natural light, place a white sheet of paper next to the inside surface of the wrist.  Check to see if the cast is blue-pink (”cool”) or gold-yellow (”warm”) against the paper.  Warm looks best in earthy and medium colors while Cool looks best in pastels, neutrals, and strong colors.

Now that you know your skin tone, find out more about correct makeup choice in our Barbizon Modeling Classes Curriculum.

Now that the summer months are vastly approaching, you’ll need to start thinking about getting a pair of sunglasses to protect your precious peepers. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape:

If your face is HEART-SHAPED, opt for thinner frames that won’t overpower your chin.

If your face is LONG, choose oversized square frames for balance.

If your face is ROUND, opt for rectangular styles that will minimize curves and give you a more angular look.

If your face is SQUARE, opt for rounder, curvy styles that will help soften your jaw line.

If your face is OVAL, you are one of the lucky ones because you can wear any style!

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When caring for your face always use gentle motions smoothing upward and outward. Drink plenty of water to rid your skin of toxins and know your skin type:

Normal: Has no shine and clear tone. Soft and supple, but not greasy.
Oily: Very shiny with visibly enlarged pores.
Dry: No shine. Has flaky or dry patches. Thin skin tone.
Combination: Oily in the T-zone area. Normal to dry in other areas.
Sensitive: Has acne flare-ups when using cosmetic products.

Select your cosmetic products according to what is recommended for your skin type. Most products are labeling with information on the skin type for which they are suited. Try Barbizon Cosmetics as we offer a variety of skin care and cosmetics.

Love the skin you’re in with these essential do’s and don’ts:

• Good skin isn’t just about potions and lotions but how you live your life.
• Try to keep hands off of your face during the day and at night.
• Pay extra attention to your T-zone if it is oily.
• Exercise is good for the body, the spirit, and the skin.
• Get plenty of sleep.
• Drink lots of water to flush your system.
• Avoid stress as much as possible.
• When moisturizing, don’t neglect your eye and neck areas.

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