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There’s nothing worse, in business or not, than someone who greets you with a bad handshake. What do we mean by bad? Some people may shake your hand with a viselike grip. Others have a cold, clammy, wimpy grasp, like shaking hands with a plate of spaghetti. Instant bad impression — and an instant giveaway that you’re either insecure or overcompensating. Here are four Barbizon handshake how-to:

1. Keep your posture straight, make and maintain eye contact.

2. Step in toward the person when you shake hands; your grasp should be relaxed but firm.

3. Give a confident, sincere shake (about five seconds max), and, especially when in a stressful situation, make sure your palms aren’t sweaty before offering your hand.

4. To be ultra-feminine, you can turn your palm down and place only your fingers in his hand. Keep your chin down and your eyes up.

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Manners Matter:  Manners you use around friends need to be a little more polished around others — like adults, job interviewers, teachers and strangers.  For example:

1.  Your friends could probably care less if you eat your salad greens with your fingers.  But if you’re out to dinner with your parent’s friends or your friend’s parents, you’ll look immature and out of place doing so.

2.  The way you sit in the food court may work fine on a Saturday afternoon, but when you are being interviewed for an after-school job, slouching is out.  Sitting up straight and attentively sends the message that you are interested in the job.

3.  You might tell a friend that you’re “pissed off” when she goes to the movies and doesn’t invite you, but using those words with your teacher will not make a persuasive argument for why that “C” should have been an “A”.

4.  You can nickname a friend “Skittles” because he raps worse than Eminem,but you shouldn’t do that to your grandma or the person who hired you for a job.

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