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What role do you think nutrition plays in keeping your skin healthy? A well balanced diet is essential to good health, and the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails are all the direct result of internal health.

VITAMIN A helps keep your complexion fresh and skin soft. You can find Vitamin A in broccoli, cheese, carrots, and melon.

VITAMIN B helps keep skin tissue healthy and works with the nervous and digestive systems. Vitamin B enriched foods include fish, eggs, bread, peanut butter, and peas.

VITAMIN C strengthens organs and nourishes the entire body. If you need more Vitamin C try oranges, leafy greens, strawberries, and grapefruit.

VITAMIN D helps purify the blood and combat infection. You can find Vitamin D in eggs, milk, fish, and cheese.

VITAMIN E protects our cell membranes and plays a role in maintaining a healthy heart. Vitamin E enriched foods are vegetable oils, nuts, meats / poultry, and leafy greens.

Here are a just few Barbizon Tips for a healthier you in 2011. Let us know what makes you feel healthy.

1. Start cutting back on junk food, adding more nutritional foods gradually.
2. Be very careful to avoid buying junk food at lunch. Don’t be afraid to pack a lunch. It’s better for you.
3. If you are eating more than 5 candy bars a week, cut out at least one. The same for soft drinks.
4. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.
5. Walk everywhere you can.
6. Instead of TV or video games, go bowling, biking, or swimming. Stay active.
7. Go to bed at the same time every night.

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