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Does your memory need a tune up?  Having a hard time remembering facts you need to know? Practice, Practice, Practice.  Then watch how much you’ll improve.  Here are some easy exercises that are sure to help:

  • Read a wikipedia article about something you really like such as lions.  Make a list of ten facts about the lions.  Memorize those facts.
  • Count and list things that are in your classroom like windows, desks, books, and even your fellow classmates.
  • Play the name game.  Try and remember everyone’s name in your favorite class or after school activity.  Repeat them to yourself until you get them all right.

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We, at Barbizon, have noticed that those who get farthest in life are those who have good study and organizational habits. Commit these 10 tips to memory so you can ace that next test:

1. Make sure you have everything you need to complete your work assignments: Paper, notebooks, sharpened pencils, pens. The right tools can make a difference.

2. Create a space in your room that is comfortable for studying and is well lit.

3. Ready your backpack, clothes, gym bag, and anything else you need at night. That way, you’re not rushing around frantically at 6:00 am.

4. Write down all assignments in a diary, notebook, or day planner.

5. Fuel your brain with a light, healthy snack.

6. Remove all distractions such as the TV, radio, talking on the phone, etc.

7. Take home all books that you will need.

8. Start big projects in advance. Don’t wait until the night before your solar system model is due to start building it.

9. If you need help, ask. Don’t struggle in silence.

10. Give each assignment the attention it deserves; don’t just go through the motions.

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