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Blush can brighten up your face, aid in contouring, and emphasize bone structure. To apply blush for these tips from the Barbizon pros:

1. Lightly sweep your blush brush over blush compact. Shake excess from brush.

2. Lightly brush color onto cheekbones, working diagonally, and blend well. If more blush is desired, adding a second layer of color is better than coming on strong all at once.

3. Lightly dust your face with translucent powder for a soft matte finish and to set blush.

4. For a most gentle blusher effect, try mixing your most flattering blush shade with a little translucent powder before applying.

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Don’t always know what’s best when it comes to your eye makeup? Here are some eye opening eye-deas from the Barbizon experts:

–Avoid eyeshadow that matches your eye color exactly.

–In general, blue eyes are flattered by cool tones like mauve. Green eyes look best in warm colors like clay and peach. Brown eyes can wear almost anything.

–Blend your eyeshadow well.

–Don’t apply too much. When in doubt, less is more.

–Intensify your color selection at night and for professional use.

–Always remove all makeup before going to sleep.

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Having clean cosmetic tools and brushes is important for keeping your skin healthy and free from blemishes. Use the following as your guide:

1. Put shampoo into one hand and brush across until clean.

2. Rinse while sweeping brush back and forth across hand until no color is apparent.

3. Squeeze from base to end of brush hair very lightly until excess water is removed.

4. Tap brush lightly with fingers to loosen brush hair.

5. Lay flat on clean paper towel to dry.

6. Brush back and forth across hand to fluff brush hairs when dry. Never use a hair dryer or heat to dry brushes.

You can learn more about makeup and skin care in your Barbizon classes.

Whether you’re six or 60, lip gloss is a beauty staple.  Because it is short-lived, we leave stashes of gloss in our purses, backpacks, desks, lockers, and cars.  The problem is that lip gloss sticks really well to almost everything but lips.  Here are some tips for extending your shine:

EXFOLIATE FIRST:  Use a face brush, wash cloth or gentle exfoliating scrub to keep lips smooth.  Follow up with a moisturizing treatment.

LINE BEFORE YOU SHINE: To minimize bleeding, line lips with a soft lip pencil in a natural shade that matches your lips.

ACE IT WITH BASE: After lining and filling in, top your lips with a wax-based lip balm which helps seal the lip liner and creates a base for the gloss to adhere to.  Then top with your favorite gloss.

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Barbizon powder is an unscented translucent, loose powder that does not alter foundation color.  This is the type professionals prefer to set makeup and help prevent oil buildup.  Blot excess foundation with tissue before applying powder.

1.  Use your powder brush as your applicator.

2.  Dip the brush into powder, shake off excess, and brush powder lightly over one area at a time, stroking up and down to blend powder into foundation.  Include eyelids and lips.

For a quick touch up, there’s nothing better than powder.  Always carry it with you!  Press gently under eyes, on nose, chin and forehead.  Blot your skin with a tissue or oil blotting papers first. Click here to see more Barbizon Cosmetics.