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Does your memory need a tune up?  Having a hard time remembering facts you need to know? Practice, Practice, Practice.  Then watch how much you’ll improve.  Here are some easy exercises that are sure to help:

  • Read a wikipedia article about something you really like such as lions.  Make a list of ten facts about the lions.  Memorize those facts.
  • Count and list things that are in your classroom like windows, desks, books, and even your fellow classmates.
  • Play the name game.  Try and remember everyone’s name in your favorite class or after school activity.  Repeat them to yourself until you get them all right.

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Check out these quick tips to remember an important task:

  • Put a rubber band around your thumb or wrist and think of the task.
  • Put a colored ribbon around on your backpack and think of the task.
  • Turn a stuffed animal upside down beside your bedroom door and think of the task.
  • Relax.  Nobody remembers anything when they are stressed or nervous.
  • When you see these things, you’ll remember what you are supposed to do.