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Perfect posture will add to your confident appearance more than any other contributing factor. Here are some of the benefits of perfect posture:

1. Proper posture builds good health by allowing the inner organs to function properly.
2. Speech is improved by giving more power to your voice through correct position of the diaphragm.
3. Body alignment gives a more youthful appearance.
4. Clothes will hang better.
5. Tension is reduced through proper alignment, which reduces fatigue, resulting in a more relaxed

by Barbizon Student Stephanie Conley

Dear Barbizon Friends:

Though we have not known each other long,
I feel as if we have grown up together.
We have built friendships
That will last a lifetime
And memories to cherish.

I came to this school six months ago
Hoping I wouldn’t be embarrassed about myself.
My hardest struggle has always been
Taking off the mask and “being me.”

From the first day I walked in,
I had this comforting feeling
That I was going to be okay.
Everyone has placed a special moment in my heart
That I will carry with me forever.

Although we may lose touch,
I will never forget my time here at Barbizon
With you…

Now that the summer months are vastly approaching, you’ll need to start thinking about getting a pair of sunglasses to protect your precious peepers. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape:

If your face is HEART-SHAPED, opt for thinner frames that won’t overpower your chin.

If your face is LONG, choose oversized square frames for balance.

If your face is ROUND, opt for rectangular styles that will minimize curves and give you a more angular look.

If your face is SQUARE, opt for rounder, curvy styles that will help soften your jaw line.

If your face is OVAL, you are one of the lucky ones because you can wear any style!

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The term “The Model Look” can actually have two meanings. In the overall meaning, a female model can be a high-fashion look type, a junior look type, and commercial look type, even a tween-ingenue look type or character look type. Makeup, hairstyle, wardrobe, etc. are all chosen in accordance with what is considered appropriate for each look type. It is possible for a model’s look to change. Whether you want to be a model or just look like one, you will be able to develop your own unique style by understanding these different look types and by practicing them.

We also use the term “Model Look” to describe the total look of perfection. Barbizon can teach you how to achieve that look. The end result? Total confidence in yourself.

With few exceptions, professional model makeup usually requires a more generous application of all makeup items. Many factors, however, must be taken into consideration due to the variety of professional circumstances under which the model works. The specific job situation is the final indication of the type of makeup application required. The model must constantly experiment with new ideas in makeup by studying the trends shown in the fashion magazines as styles in makeup change to suit the mood of the reigning fashions. The model must adapt to these changes and yet retain their individuality. Regardless of the circumstances, a model’s professional makeup look is vibrant, beautiful, and appropriate for the task at hand.

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Manners Matter:  Manners you use around friends need to be a little more polished around others — like adults, job interviewers, teachers and strangers.  For example:

1.  Your friends could probably care less if you eat your salad greens with your fingers.  But if you’re out to dinner with your parent’s friends or your friend’s parents, you’ll look immature and out of place doing so.

2.  The way you sit in the food court may work fine on a Saturday afternoon, but when you are being interviewed for an after-school job, slouching is out.  Sitting up straight and attentively sends the message that you are interested in the job.

3.  You might tell a friend that you’re “pissed off” when she goes to the movies and doesn’t invite you, but using those words with your teacher will not make a persuasive argument for why that “C” should have been an “A”.

4.  You can nickname a friend “Skittles” because he raps worse than Eminem,but you shouldn’t do that to your grandma or the person who hired you for a job.

Sound off:  Can you think of a few more examples of casual vs. formal manners?  Be sure to Contact Us to find out more.

There are numerous qualities that make a good runway model :

1. She is never late; always on time.
2. She is prepared with a model’s tote bag.
3. She should fit into garments with little or no alteration.
4. She has good skin and hair and is always well groomed.
5. She is objective and willing to wear garments that she may not like personally.
6. She is cooperative with staff and other models.
7. She is businesslike and professional and realizes that her job is to sell garments on the runway and make them look appealing to the audience.

Barbizon can help you achieve these qualities.