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The term “The Model Look” can actually have two meanings. In the overall meaning, a female model can be a high-fashion look type, a junior look type, and commercial look type, even a tween-ingenue look type or character look type. Makeup, hairstyle, wardrobe, etc. are all chosen in accordance with what is considered appropriate for each look type. It is possible for a model’s look to change. Whether you want to be a model or just look like one, you will be able to develop your own unique style by understanding these different look types and by practicing them.

We also use the term “Model Look” to describe the total look of perfection. Barbizon can teach you how to achieve that look. The end result? Total confidence in yourself.

Today’s professional model must have a larger variety of technical skills than ever before. That’s because today’s model has an array of opportunities facing her. Here’s a brief look at what modeling was like in the past several decades.

The 60s: The sixties ushered in the end of the hat & glove era. Models wore go-go boots, micro-minis and long fake eyelashes. Twiggy was the supermodel of the day.

The 70s: The seventies was a time when women explored new freedoms. Charlie’s Angels rule prime time and the models of the day were athletic looking natural beauties with long flowing hair.

The 80s: The eighties was the “ME” decade and Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren wanted to dress us. Amazon-like models such as Paulina and, near the end of the decade, Linda Evangelista wore big shoulder pads as the country watched “Dynasty” on Wednesday nights.

The 90s: The nineties roared in to the tune of the waif, and real women everywhere showed they prefer real-looking models by boycotting the fashions. As the decade matured, styles continued to churn and re-invent themselves.

Today, models don’t need to fit into a particular look or type. Along with the structure of modeling, the models themselves have taken on many looks. Remember, if you like what you see here, you’ll love it in our world.