Quitting is not impossible! First you must ask yourself WHY you bite your nails. Do you bite out of nervousness – a big date, test at school, etc? Do you bite out of boredom – have nothing else to do with your hands? Find something! Is it just an older habit and too difficult to break? Believe it or not, a whopping 40% of the population bites their nails and 64% of models do it! It’s a lot easier to stop biting, though, than it is to constantly hide your hands out of sheer embarrassment. So, here are some tips on tackling the problem:

• TAKE UP SEWING, DRAWING OR ANY OTHER PROJECT OR HOBBY that requires working with your hands. It’s difficult to put your fingers in your mouth if they’re occupied with a needle or a pencil.

• MANICURE REGULARLY. That way, nails will be smooth, and there won’t be any rough edges or hangnails to bite off.

• MAKE A PLAN TO GROW YOUR NAILS OUT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION, like a prom, fashion show, special date or birthday. Now you are inspired to keep up your willpower!

• HOLD YOUR HANDS OUT IN FRONT OF YOU AND PICTURE YOUR NAILS SLEEK AND PRETTY. Do this every time you feel the urge to nibble.

• KEEP YOUR NAILS POLISHED in your favorite Nail Enamel shade so you’ll be discouraged from ruining your “look.”

• TRY ONE OF THE BAD-TASTING PRODUCT developed to inhibit nail biting. They make for a firm reminder.

• IMAGINE WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE TO FINALLY HAVE LONG NAILS! You will be able to scratch your own itches and show off the hottest new nail colors!

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