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Looking forward to ringing in the new year? A new year means new resolutions. What are yours for 2011? At Barbizon we will show you some ways to stick with them and reach your goals:

Make it all about you. Experts say that we lose our motivation for accomplishing goals because we base them on impressing others. Your resolution should reflect your wishes.
Make it routine. Look for ways to make fulfilling your goals easier, so you follow through. If you’ve decided to write in your journal every morning at 6:00am, then organize your writing space the night before so that you will be ready in the morning.
Make a backup plan. Decide ahead of time how you’ll cope if your best intentions don’t pan out before January even ends. If you know that you usually fall off the workout wagon after a few weeks, schedule a weekly exercise class so something’s in place to keep you on track.

Given that the New Year 2010 is upon us, this may be the time to develop new interests and talents. Barbizon has some tips and tricks to help you get started:

–Keep an open mind about your new activities even if your friends are not involved and don’t think they’re cool.

–Many new activities are hard at first.  Don’t give up, keep trying.

–Practice makes perfect so do so at least once per day.

–Once you start an activity, complete it.  Don’t drop out in the middle.

–Make getting to know new friends part of the fun.

–Don’t spread yourself thin by trying too many new activities at once.  Limit yourself to just a few.

–Find new activities that combine your interests.

–Accept that competition is a part of life and that most things worth doing take a lot of effort.

–Always remain enthusiastic and above all have fun.

Make Barbizon Modeling and Acting Classes part of your activities for 2010.   Contact Us to find out how.