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Self confidence, or feeling good about who you are, creates positive energy. People are attracted to positive energy! Don’t you like to be around happy people? Happy / confident people help others to feel good about themselves. Knowing who you are gives you substance and allows you to feel like somebody versus feeling empty or jealous on the inside. Everyone wants to know the “somebody” that’s in the room. People will want to know who you are when you feel good about yourself. Confident people know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, and accept who they are. Confidence communicates knowledge and ability. The confident person “get the job” because they present themselves in a professional manner and appear to be a quick learner.

If you are a Barbizon student or graduate, you are definitely one of those happy / confident people. If not,contact us for more information on how we can help.

Here are Barbizon’s 12 keys to developing your personality to be the best it can be. Try to accomplish at least one of these each week:

1.  Be wise about human relations.

2.  Don’t put off until tomorrow.

3.  Develop hobbies.

4.  Go places and do things.

5.  Become an avid reader.

6.  Broaden your circle of friends.

7.  Learn to compliment people.

8.  Learn to remember names.

9.  Maintain a sense of humor.

10.  Learn to show enthusiasm.

11.  Speak up.  Assertiveness can be fun.

12.  Learn to use gestures.

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Do you remember being read the fairy tale Chicken Little when you were young?  In the story, the chicken is obsessed about the sky falling down and didn’t notice Foxy Woxy prepping for a nice chicken salad. There’s a little bit of Chicken Little in everyone.  Instead of focusing on what’s in front of us, we humans devote too much time to daydreams and thinking about everything but reality.  In many cases, it’s not sweet dreams but worrying or “awfulizing” that eats up our time.

Do you have the “What ifs?”  What if I fail the math test?  What if I never find a boyfriend?  What percentage of the day do you spending imagining worse case scenarios?  Optimism, in reasonable doses, is far more constructive than pessimism and it will inspire you.  But be careful.  Too much optimism and believing “nothing bad will happen” can give you a false sense of security.  Talking to a parent, older sibling, or teacher as well as going to Barbizon can help you develop a more positive way of thinking.

When is the last time you felt angry? What triggered it? How did you react? Looking back, do you feel this was the right response? If not, what should you have done differently? Before the anger strikes, practice these every day:

Meditate: Through daily meditation we allow the mind to “rest” and deepen our sense of spirituality.
Relax: Through daily relaxation we calm our breathing and bring our nervous sysem into balance.
Make Healthy Food Choices: By eating healthfully we get adequate fuel for energy and avoid foods that throw our systems into chaos.
Think Positively: Positive thoughts affect our overall mood and even our health.
Take Time Out: Time to play gives us time to be creative, to relax, to laugh and to lighten up.
Rest: Sleep allows the body to rest and the mind to “clean itself.”
Exercise: Exercise is a major stress reducer. It produces feel-good chemicals in our bodies that counteract anger.
Enjoy Close Relationships: We all need this to reduce our sense of isolation and calm ourselves.
Get an Interest: Be a joiner and contributor. Find constructive, creative, and/or challenging ways to channel your energy in positive directions.
Keep a Good Attitude: Turn a situation around and around in your mind like a kaleidoscope until you can get the right light on it.

Barbizon’s life changing curriculum can help you in any situation. Also, visit the That’ s Not Cool website for more insightful information.

Sssshhh! There it is again. Can’t you hear it? That melodic, infectious laugh. Don’t you love being around people who have a wonderful way of laughing? They laugh honestly, with their whole face and body. This laughter becomes a wave that sweeps everyone into the moment. What is this person’s secret?

Maybe you’ve heard that it takes more muscles to make a frown than it does to make a smile. Some experts say the score is 43-17. Others say that this is an urban legend that, at most, it takes three muscles to frown and only two to smile. Either way, we say, “Why work harder than you have to?” http://www.barbizonmodeling.com/barbizon-modeling-blog/wp-admin/edit.php

Practice laughing at your own mistakes, whether you are alone or with others. Try not to defend your mistakes. Admit them graciously and apologize for them if the situation calls for it. A good sense of humor gives you an aura of self-confidence. Do you laugh with the whole world or do you cry alone?