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Swimsuits today can offer stylish and flattering coverage for any shape. There are styles to suit every body type, and just because your body isn’t perfect (whose is?) that doesn’t mean you can’t look great! Keep the following in mind when shopping:

Small Bust: Cups, gathers, and ruffles add volume. Light colors attract the eye.
Heavy Thighs: Horizontal stripes add balance, so do wide detailed necklines.
Short Torso: Elongate the body with a long neckline.
Large Hips: Contrasting trim at the bust gives balance. Light to dark focuses eyes upward.
Large Bust: Supportive linings, under wires, and shoulder straps keep things under control.
Curvy All Over: Prints distract and keep the eye moving.
Long Torso: A 2-piece with a break in coverage eliminates pulling and creates a horizontal line.
Bulging Torso: Choose suits with extra support around the middle, higher waistbands for extra coverage, vertical lines to minimize.
Short Legs: High cut sides, bottom with strings at the hips elongate.

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A splash of jewelry can brighten any outfit, even casual ones:

Jewel Necklines: Chokers that are dramatic and equal in size all the way around create a sensational, tailored look.

Scoop Necklines: This neckline is perfect for spotlighting vintage chokers, as well as chains, pearls, and drop pendants. A scoop neckline can also be worn with long chains, but always wear your necklace at least 3-4 inches below the neckline.

V-Neck Necklines: A V-neckline is the perfect frame for 18” drop pendants. Wearing them creates a repetition of the V neckline, a characteristic of the popular classic style.

Collar: For a casual look, open the collar and wear a simple choker or 18” chain. For a dressy look, wear a longer necklace tucked under the collar, or button the collar and wear a pin.

Turtleneck: This neckline is usually found on solid colors, which makes it great for showcasing dramatic jewelry. The best choices for this neckline are 24” and longer. Don’t wear a necklace that’s too short.

Use the following as a guide to when fashions are available according to the different seasons:

EARLY SPRING: transitional garments, usually in stores by December 15.
SPRING / SUMMER: swimwear, beachwear, shorts, etc.; usually in stores by late February.
FALL / WINTER: begins around Memorial Day, heavy presentation begins in stores early July.
HOLIDAY: in stores by early November.
CRUISE: in stores by early December.

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