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02/04/13 Beauty Tips

Blushing Beauties

Blushing Beauties Blush can brighten up your face, aid in contouring, and emphasize bone structure.
To apply blush for these tips from the Barbizon pros:

1. Lightly sweep your blush brush over blush compact. Shake excess from brush.
2. Lightly brush color onto cheekbones, working diagonally, and blend well. If more blush is desired, adding a second layer of color is better than coming on strong all at once.

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11/26/12 Beauty Tips

Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty Some scents and nail colors should only come out between May and August.
Now that the winter months are approaching, it's time to trade in your:

Tropical or fruity fragrances. If it reminds you of the beach or a day at the pool, skip it. Replace your lightweight scents for something spicier which is more comforting. Look for ingredients that contain jasmine and sandalwood.
Traffic cone orange and pastel…

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10/16/12 Beauty Tips

Embrace your Braces

Embrace your Braces Braces can improve your appearance, improve your health, and make you feel better about yourself.
The inconvenience is temporary, but the improvement is permanent. Some braces are more noticeable than others. Clear and tooth-colored braces can blend in easily. Some people get theirs in color, either to show off their team spirit or coordinate with their favorite outfits. Others are attached to the hidden undersides of the teeth. Technology has given way to braces that…

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07/26/12 Beauty Tips

Makeup for Professional Models

Makeup for Professional Models With few exceptions, professional model makeup usually requires a more generous application of all makeup items.

Many factors, however, must be taken into consideration due to the variety of professional circumstances under which the model works. The specific job situation is the final indication of the type of makeup application required. The model must constantly experiment with new ideas in makeup by studying the trends shown in the fashion magazines as styles in makeup change to…

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02/09/12 Beauty Tips

Say Good-Bye to Those Beauty Blunders

Say Good-Bye to Those Beauty Blunders Let us help you tackle those beauty blunders with these quick and easy tips:
YELLOW NAILS: Yes, we all love the dark nail polish, but it can be hazardous to our nails leaving them dull and yellow. One quick solution can be found in your fridg ~~ lemon juice. Rub a wedge of lemon on your nails for about five minutes, and follow with a nail strengthener with vitamins. Do this everyday for about…

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