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10/30/12 Body Language

Go Ahead and Laugh!

Go Ahead and Laugh! Sssshhh! There it is again. Can't you hear it? That melodic, infectious laugh.

Don't you love being around people who have a wonderful way of laughing? They laugh honestly, with their whole face and body. This laughter becomes a wave that sweeps everyone into the moment. What is this person's secret? Maybe you've heard that it takes more muscles to make a frown than it does to make a smile. Some experts say…

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09/17/12 Body Language

Great Shakes

Great Shakes There's nothing worse, in business or not, than someone who greets you with a bad handshake.
What do we mean by bad? Some people may shake your hand with a viselike grip. Others have a cold, clammy, wimpy grasp, like shaking hands with a plate of spaghetti. Instant bad impression -- and an instant giveaway that you're either insecure or overcompensating. Here are four Barbizon handshake how-to:

1. Keep your posture straight, make…

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08/20/11 Body Language

Qualities of a Good Runway Model

Qualities of a Good Runway Model There are numerous qualities that make a good runway model:

1. She is never late; always on time.
2. She is prepared with a model's tote bag.
3. She should fit into garments with little or no alteration.
4. She has good skin and hair and is always well groomed.
5. She is objective and willing to wear garments that she may not like personally.

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08/16/11 Body Language

Don’t Go Away Mad

Don’t Go Away Mad When is the last time you felt angry? What triggered it? How did you react?

Looking back, do you feel this was the right response? If not, what should you have done differently? Before the anger strikes, practice these every day:

Meditate: Through daily meditation we allow the mind to "rest" and deepen our sense of spirituality.
Relax: Through daily relaxation we calm our breathing and bring our nervous sysem into…

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