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03/20/13 Modeling Classes

Model Moves

Model Moves The eyes are the first place an agent looks to on a model.
In front of a mirror, work attitudes: soft, hard or angry, light smile, big laugh, etc. It is important to exaggerate those attitudes. The film will tone down your makeup, attitudes and energy, so emphasizing those expressions is a must in order to achieve a strong finished image. Also, practice focusing on one point in the mirror, as if you…

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07/12/12 Modeling Classes

Runway Facial Expressions

Runway Facial Expressions When models are on the runway, not all of the emphasis is on what her legs and feet are doing.
Facial expression also plays a major role. Often times the choreographer will tell the girls what kinds of expressions he wants on their faces. Normally, this would help establish and be in sync with the mood of the clothes. There are six facial expressions for the runway.

1. NATURAL: This is a peaceful content look.

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08/04/11 Modeling Classes

Wearing Your Best Colors Will…

Wearing Your Best Colors Will… At Barbizon, we show you which colors look best on you.

  • Make your skin look smoother

  • Make you feel more confident

  • Give your face a lift

  • Make blemishes less noticeable.

  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles.

  • Make your face color look even.

  • Help wrinkles and expression lines look less obvious.

  • At Barbizon, we show you which…

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    07/04/11 Modeling Classes

    Barbizon Be-Jeweled

    Barbizon Be-Jeweled A splash of jewelry can brighten any outfit, even casual ones:
    Jewel Necklines: Chokers that are dramatic and equal in size all the way around create a sensational, tailored look.
    Scoop Necklines: This neckline is perfect for spotlighting vintage chokers, as well as chains, pearls, and drop pendants. A scoop neckline can also be worn with long chains, but always wear your necklace at least 3-4 inches below the neckline.

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