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01/23/13 Nutrition

Key Vitamins to a Healthier You

Key Vitamins to a Healthier You What role do you think nutrition plays in keeping your skin healthy? A well balanced diet is essential to good health, and the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails are all the direct result of internal health.
VITAMIN A helps keep your complexion fresh and skin soft. You can find Vitamin A in broccoli, cheese, carrots, and melon.

VITAMIN B helps keep skin tissue healthy and works with the nervous and digestive systems. Vitamin B enriched foods include fish, eggs, bread, peanut butter, and peas.

VITAMIN C strengthens organs and nourishes…

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01/02/13 Nutrition

Time to Get in Shape

Time to Get in Shape It's the New Year. Just the time to start thinking about getting in shape.
As a model, actress, or performer, it is important to be healthy and fit. Proper exercise, nutrition, water intake, supplementation, and sleep are vital in obtaining these goals. The foundation of any well-rounded fitness program should contain the following components:

AEROBIC / CARDIO TRAINING: Cardovascular conditioning is any exercise that gets you to your target heart rate…

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12/14/12 Nutrition

Tips for a Healthier You in 2013

Tips for a Healthier You in 2013 Here are a just few tips for a healthier you in 2013:
Let us know what makes you feel healthy.

1. Start cutting back on junk food, adding more nutritional foods gradually.
2. Be very careful to avoid buying junk food at lunch. Don't be afraid to pack a lunch. It's better for you.
3. If you are eating more than 5 candy bars a week, cut…

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07/27/11 Nutrition

Restaurants and Hidden Fats

Restaurants and Hidden Fats There are a lot of hidden fats, excess salt and calories in restaurant food.

Yes, it is delicious; however, many chefs marinate chicken breasts overnight in an oil-based sauce or serve high portions of other items like baked potatoes. Many restaurants serve enough pasta to feed you for a week or they might add butter to the rice recipe. Use the waiter or waitress as your spokesperson to the chef to help eliminate hidden…

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07/21/11 Nutrition

Up Your Energy the Barbizon Way

Up Your Energy the Barbizon Way Let the Barbizon experts give you the tips you need to boost your energy and get rid of the midday blahs:
Find yourself snoozing by second period? Not anymore.

  • STRETCH: Try doing some simple stretching or yoga for 10 minutes right when you get out of bed.

  • EAT BREAKFAST: Studies show that eating breakfast gives you the energy you need to keep going until lunch. Be sure to include some protein and carbohydrates like eggs and…

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