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01/10/13 Peer Group

Be a Team Player. Have a Winning Attitude

Be a Team Player. Have a Winning Attitude Want to get the best out of your sports or cheerleading tryout?
First things first. You need to have a winning attitude and be a team player. This means:

Be determined.
Want to win.
Stay strong and fast.
Build your endurance.
Don't slack.
Support your team.
Go to practice feeling your best.
Have high expectations and meet them.
Make your goal…

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08/13/12 Peer Group

New School No Worries

New School No Worries Going to a new school can be really hard.  
Here are some tips to make the transition easier:

  • See if you can go see your new school before it opens. Find out where everything is so you won't have to ask where the bathroom is.

  • Be the first to introduce yourself. Break the ice. Try to remember your classmate's names. Start conversations and ask what…

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